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项目(s): B.A.S., B.S.

What is your favorite Super Bowl commercial? If you have an answer to that, you are proof that good 市场营销 作品. To decide if this major is for you, keep reading. 

为什么学习 营销 at Northwest

Northwest Missouri State University’s Booth School of Business recognizes 的 value of 的 市场营销 function, that is crucial to 的 success and growth of any organization. 社会, 经济, 文化, 非营利性的, and even political organizations recognize 的 integral importance of a 市场营销 degree. Students in 的 field attempt to comprehend, explain and predict 的 effectiveness of various 市场营销 tactics and to develop proven frame作品 around consumer and business decision-making with which more efficient and effective strategies can be created.

Northwest Missouri State University faculty and students are discovering new and developing ideas that redefine current 市场营销 practices by asking and answering 的 questions that help organizations decide which consumer and business segments to target and which products and services to produce. 的 市场营销 curriculum involves a broad study of concepts that prepare students to set appropriate pricing levels, 品牌, 促销活动, 供应链, sales force management, new product development, 社交媒体, 消费者的行为, 产品管理, research and o的r strategic elements that generate sales. Our graduates assume positions in 社交媒体 市场营销, 品牌管理, 产品管理, new product development, 电子商务, 销售管理, 广告, and 市场营销 consulting.

In addition to learning 市场营销 concepts, students gain profession-based learning. Knacktive – a student-run 市场营销 and communication group – provides students with hands-on 市场营销 training opportunities. 例如, Knacktive partnered with Ringgold County in Iowa to create an integrated campaign that included market research, 创意策略, 产品规划, 促销活动, and public relations to promote tourism in 的 county. At Northwest Missouri State University, you are career ready, day one!

你知道吗?? Northwest's 市场营销 major is accredited by 的 Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).


市场营销- B.S.

营销 bachelor of science degree is available.


B.A.S. (for 转学)

为 转学 的 Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) 是灵活的吗?, individually tailored degree for students pursuing a vocational, technical or associate degree. Coursework for 的se degrees build on workplace skills and practical career training provided by an associate degree. 学生可能会得到B.A.S. appealing for 的 following reasons:

  • Shorter time to degree by maximizing 的 transfer of vocational and technical courses toward a four-year degree
  • Requires fewer Northwest Core courses (general education courses)
  • A personalized and flexible degree plan
  • 具有成本效益的

Please note this program is not a traditional four-year program. It is structured for 转学. Check out more on 的 B的好处.A.S. 项目.


Earn your bachelor’s degree on a schedule that 作品 for you. An online program is available in 市场营销.


“I feel like Northwest has changed me in a way to realize we are all as one. We are all here to support each o的r. I have so many faculty, friends and organizations that are here to support me, 大或小, 即使在我毕业之后.——艾丽娅·欧文


  • 营销经理
  • 广告商
  • 产品经理
  • 工业买家
  • 销售经理
  • 市场研究者

What Can I Do With a Major in 营销?


Students experience a realistic, agency-like atmosphere as 的y work in teams on a 促销活动al campaign plan for an actual client.  的 competing teams conduct research, 分析数据, 设计策略, 制定策略, and present 的ir plans to 的 client. 

Learn more about Knacktive


New Venture Pitch Competition

每年春季学期, 大学生, high school students and community members present 的ir business ideas in 的 New Venture Pitch Competition. 的 event provides students and entrepreneurs 的 opportunity to present ideas to professionals, small business owners and potential investors. It also allows students to network with business professionals and gain presentation experience.

New Venture Pitch Competition


Missouri Small Business Development Center offers personalized and extensive services from knowledgeable and helpful professionals focused on your business success.

的 impact of value at Northwest
正确的尺寸. 合适的价格.
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